FCL-Web is a toolkit to develop web-applications with freepascal. It can be used to build CGI, FastCGI or Apache modules. This website is also build using FCL-Web.

Extending FCL-Web with WebDesign

Webdesign is a bundle of a few packages which can add functionality to FCL-Web.

The EmbWeb package adds the ability to build web-applications with an embedded webserver. Especially usefull if you want to debug your applications within the Lazarus IDE.

With the WebDesign package it is possible to build webpages within the IDE, using a custom form designer. On Windows you'll also have a preview available if Gecko is installed. You can use it to create event-driven web-applications

The jQuery package adds components for using jQuery in your website to the WebDesigner. There are controls for embedding jQuery plugins like jQGrid, TinyMCE, jQuery-UI and HighCharts.

Installation of WebDesign

Remember that WebDesign is still in it's first developmen phase. Although some commercial projects are made with it, it is still possible that it's interface will be changed in the future.

For using WebDesign you'll need a recent FPC version 2.5.1 and a recent Lazarus 0.9.29 development version. You can download the webdesign package here and then install the EmbWeb, WebDesign and jQuery packages.

The preview of your webpages in the designer is only available on Windows when Gecko is installed.